February 3, 2016 Ways To Make Laundry Easier

Ways To Make Laundry Easier

1.  Sort As You Go

Instead of wasting time sorting clothes into loads on laundry day, sort as you go with multiple hampers. This will take away that extra step on laundry day. It also allows you to customize your loads of laundry how ever you prefer.

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2.  Stain Treat As You Go

Just like sorting laundry, stain treatment on laundry day can take a ton of time. The time and energy it takes to look at each piece of clothing from the hamper, one-by-one. Then, treating all the stains BEFORE you can start the washer is a pain.

3.  Use Zippered Mesh Bags

You know the ones I’m talking about. Most people refer to them as delicate wash bags or lingerie bags. You can find cheap ones at the dollar store, or in the laundry basket/ hamper/ ironing board aisle at your favorite one-stop-shop store like Target or Walmart.

4.  Separate Into Fewer Loads

Mesh bags can also help you cut down on the number of loads you wash. Obviously, fewer loads = less time and hassle, plus, studies show that a full load is cleaned more effectively and efficiently than a load with just a few items.

5.  Use The “Quick Wash” Cycle

Does your washing machine have a “quick” cycle? Most these days do. Try it out! It generally takes about ½ the time as the “normal” cycle. You might wonder if the quick cycle actually cleans your clothes as well as the normal cycle.

6.  Wash Less Often

Some things need to be washed after every wear. T-shirts, undies, socks and, obviously stained or soiled items should be washed between wears. BUT, you can generally get more mileage out of a pair of jeans, dress slacks, panty hose, bras, towels and more. This tip requires a mental shift, so it’s not for everyone.

7.  Make The Dryer Do The Ironing

Do you make a habit of taking the clothes out of the dryer when the cycle is complete? If not, you’ve probably noticed the wrinkles that set in as the clothes cool down.

8.  Multitask

I love doing laundry because it’s rhythmic. I can start a load in the wash, do some cardio for 35 minutes then switch the load to the dryer, start another and get some yoga or weights in.

9.  Make A Schedule

There’s something about a routine that makes even the most mundane tasks go faster. It’s likely the mental preparation we all do subconsciously when following a scheduled pattern, combined with the autopilot that’s engaged once we start a routine.

10.  Get The Kids To Help

You’re never too young to learn how to do laundry. Well, that *might* be overstating it slightly. But it’s true that learning the basics of laundry day can help kids develop a greater sense of responsibility early on AND, as a bonus, a greater appreciation for the person or people that do their laundry.

 11.  Outsource The Laundry Altogether!

No matter how you slice it, laundry can be one of the more boring tasks around the house. Even the most efficient routine takes time and energy. Consider outsourcing the laundry to a laundry service.

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